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The Magnificent Gift

a touching Christmas story

Read With Your Children
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Based on
True events,
Real people,
& the difference they made

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I Love To Help

Making a real difference in the precious lives of children


A Short Story

The Magnificent Gift is a touching Christmas story you will want to read with your kids. It creates a great opportunity to discuss hardship, hope, giving, service, and encouragement.

Their Lives Cross

The lives of two families in very different circumstances touch. Though they never meet, both family's lives are changed as a result of the Magnificent Gift.

The Gift

A single gift touches life after life, providing purpose and inspiration to many and a young girl finds joy on a magical Christmas morning.

Hope Grows

Tragic circumstance had driven hope from their lives. But the selfless act of one couple transformed this family's Christmas into a day they thought would never again be possible.

About the Authors

Jerry Hignight
Editor in Chief of Serious Small Business Magazine

Passionate about living life to make a difference
and an advocate for children in all circumstances,
he shares opportunities to make a difference
in the precious lives of children.

Janet Hignight
Owner, Touch of Harmony Music Studio

An active supporter of children's programs
Janet is a loving mother to three and a grandmother to eight.
She is co-founder of I Love To Help, an organization to benefit children.

I Love To Help

An organization that partners with you
to make a difference in the lives of children

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